HootSuite Releases Easy Methods of Generating Leads Through Social Media

Social media is a useful method in order to market goods and generate leads. However, some marketing professionals do not maximise the potential of social media for the said purposes. Because of this, Hootsuite came up with some essential strategies and methods to fully utilise social media that could result in effective leads generation.

Hootsuite defined leads as potential customers who have shown interest in products, services, or companies and have provided their contact details in order to have someone get in touch with them and provide them with more details. HootSuite claims that at least 76 percent of potential clients are ready and willing to have a conversation through social media.

The best advantage of lead generation through social media may be the ability to focus on highly qualified leads by utilising advanced targeting. In addition, an eMarketer analysis reveals that B2B marketers prioritise enhancing the quality of leads over increasing the number of leads.

In relation to this, Hootsuite presented some of the best methods for lead generation using social media.

  1. Share links to gated content – Gated content is defined as content hidden behind a virtual gate. Having valuable content can lock in the interest of the readers who will then be ready to give basic contact information in exchange for access.
  2. Run contests – Running contests usually give something as a prize but the prizes should also fulfill two essential criteria. First, it has to be valuable enough so more people will be interested in joining the contest. Second, the prize should also be able to attract people who have the highest possibility of becoming a customer.
  3. Utilise social media advertising – Social media advertising uses particular target audiences in promoting gated content. This is a good method of lessening advertising costs while assuring that the leads gathered satisfy specific criteria.
  4. Use the custom ads of Facebook – Majority of the business pages in Facebook use at least some of the most basic Facebook Page tabs such as About, Events, and Photos. However, Facebook Page tabs that can be customized are rarely used. Such customized pages can a helpful in highlighting contests and other offers presented for generating leads on social media.
  5. Host webinars or live video – Webinars are known as one of the best-performing types of content for gated content offers and conducting live videos on social media can also be utilised to generate leads via the said platform.

Check this page for the complete list and more details on Hootsuite’s suggested methods to generate leads by using social media.