Televerde Selects Melbourne as its Asia-Pacific Headquarter

Victorian Minister for Trade and Investment Philip Dalidakis has revealed that Televerde, a global sales and marketing solutions provider, has chosen Melbourne as its new home for its Asia-Pacific headquarters and contact centre.

A report from the website of Contact Centre Central mentioned that Televerde will provide further international reach for its existing customers while also allowing companies located in the Asia-Pacific region to boost their sales outreach efforts with the help of its demonstrated demand generation and proven inside sales competence and methods.

Dalidakis stated, “We are thrilled that Televerde has chosen to base its Asia-Pacific headquarters and contact centre in Melbourne and create nearly 80 new jobs. Televerde is a welcome addition to Victoria’s technology eco-system and we look forward to continuing to work with the company as it grows from a Victoria base.”

He also added that the company selected Melbourne to house its headquarters particularly because of its competitive business environment, unparalleled infrastructure to assist overall reach, comprehensive support from the government, and highly-adept and multilingual workforce.

The new headquarter based in Melbourne is part of the company’s expansion. Televerde already has offices located in North America, South America, and Europe. The report said that the company leverages technology, data intelligence, strategic engagement planning, and integrated teleservices with a one-of-a-kind delivery model.

Televerde’s Chief Executive Officer, James Hooker, expressed his excitement in assisting global companies gain and retain more customers and take advantage of the marketing and sales technology investments that they presently have.

He said, “Whether it is outsourced sales, integrated teleservices or making sense or getting the most out of a marketing automation system, we are eager to help companies grow throughout Asia-Pacific and to be a partner to those that want to break into the North American market, too.”

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