After beginning his recruitment career in 1999, Owen has held roles across three continents, having delivered recruitment programs and managed recruitment practices in Australia the USA and United Kingdom. With specialist skills engaging clients across the IT&T sector, Owen has successfully delivered a range of solutions to both large international organisation and boutique clients, looking for personalised/bespoke talent management solutions. Known as a specialist in the Networking & Infrastructure sectors and highly experienced in delivering large resource programs across SAP projects, Owen has the experience and knowledge to find great people for great clients.


Always cheerful,Owen brings his mix of knowledge, experience and his extensive network to every client engagement, but most of all makes doing business an easy and relaxed experience.


Owen Bleakley

Regional Director

Email: obleakley@robinsonexecutive.com.au
Phone: +61 (0)3 9020 4216 or +61 (0)416 572 141


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