Career Management

Robinson Executive are an integrated Recruitment & Human Resource Consulting company with a combined 30 years of international Recruitment and Consulting experience. In partnership with specialist and accredited Partners, our services include Career Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership Development, Cohort Coaching and Outplacement services.

Using our in-depth knowledge and expertise we help people to proactively manage their careers as well as assist organisations to attract, recognize, develop and keep the right people. We do this in a variety of ways; tailored to individual and organisational requirements.

Our specialist services include career coaching, mentoring, leadership development, cohort coaching and outplacement.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is recommended for anyone who is serious about their future. In particular, it is of vital importance when seeking a promotion, needing to manage new responsibilities, enhance your skill set, learn new skills or you want to take the time to constructively deal with a roadblock or particular objective in your career. It will assist you understand your strengths and development needs and to set goals to achieve your aspirations.


Although coaching and mentoring are similar, there are subtle differences. Coaching is often much broader in application, not relying on the coach having specific knowledge of an industry or having performed in a similar job. The focus is on the person and how their personality and thinking styles impact their life and career decisions. In mentoring, the particular experience and insight gained within a particular industry or role plays a greater part in facilitating deep learning. Robinson Executive’s specialist knowledge of the  industry is useful in this respect.

Mentoring relationships have been proven to be crucially important to the long term career development of successful people. Robinson Executive specialises in matching people to maximise the benefits from a mentors experience, knowledge and vocational insight.

Leadership Development

Robinson Executive’s leadership development programs assist people to increase their self awareness and an understanding of the impact that they have on others. Programs are delivered in two ways; individually and through cohort coaching.

Individual Leadership Development

Individual leadership programs involve six individual sessions with an experienced coach. First, an assessment is made of your personality preferences, interests, values, defining strengths, development needs and career development profile and goals. You then work with your coach to:

  1. Identify the thinking patterns that characterise your current behaviour
  2. Understand which of your thinking patterns are effective, which aren’t and why
  3. Identify your unique strengths and any stumbling blocks to effectiveness
  4. Understand ways in which your personal styles can influence others
  5. Identify, initiate and implement changes in how you involve yourself and others in team processes
  6. Explore some techniques, tools and approaches to develop your personal leadership presence.

Cohort Coaching Leadership Development

During cohort coaching leadership development programs, two coaches work with a group, or cohort, of up to five people. The focus is on self-reflection and goal setting while each person addresses real and current individual real life/work issues.

Cohort coaching is different to group coaching where all participants work on the same project. Instead, in cohort coaching each person engages in their own professional development program within the group; each participant benefiting from observing the coaching provided to others. Group synergy facilitates cohort coaching’s characteristic deeper learning.

Individuals become more effective as leaders and report greater satisfaction in their work. Organisations benefit through improvements to culture, increased organisational capacity to deal with change, improved relationships, job satisfaction and commitment and a reduction in conflict.

Our Cohort Coaching program provides access to two coaches and three 3 hour coaching sessions.


The provision of outplacement services during times of downsizing has been shown to positively impact both those leaving an organisation as well as those left behind. Many people report that while an initial redundancy experience was distressful for them, being offered an outplacement program delivered by experienced coaches, made an enormous difference. It helped them to make the right decisions and to develop the skills needed to help them end up in a much more rewarding situation.

While each outplacement program varies depending on your needs, programs typically involve six individual sessions where you will be assisted to:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of your current situation and how you feel about it
  2. Understand your strengths
  3. Be clear about goals and how to set them
  4. Understand what will be required of you to achieve your goals
  5. Learn problem solving techniques and skills to achieve your goals
  6. Confront issues as they occur
  7. Build strong relationships
  8. Increase your practical skills in sourcing jobs, use of social media, market research, putting together a biography, resume or personal branding
  9. Prepare and manage your job applications
  10. Perform well in interviews
  11. Negotiate job offers
  12. Transition to a new role

Psychometric assessments are available and used where appropriate to help people better understand their values and motivations.

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