Our Values

Why do we do what we do?

Robinson Executive shares our candidates and clients passion and determination for delivering exceptional customer service and for raising the profile of the Customer Contact industry across Australia, New Zealand and the broader Asia Pacific region.

What are our core values

Respect: we treat all contacts equally, be they candidates or clients, junior or senior. Everyone deserves the same level of respect by acknowledging calls, emails, requests for information, if they are deemed suitable for our portfolio/business or not

Responsiveness: Assignments can be won or lost by prompt service, as are lasting first impressions made by a “recruiters” responsiveness, and willingness to listen to a contacts story

Results: We expect results, contacts should expect results. Results aren’t  just placements made, and revenues earnt, results to us are providing great service, managing expectations, providing the best representation we can to a candidates to a client/for a role, aiming to get every candidate shortlisted an interview with a client, and doing everything we say we are going to do.

We value feedback and are continually striving to improve our service to candidates and clients therefore please let us know if we do or don’t live these values!

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